Amusement Rides

​​The Division of Industry Services (DIS) establishes and enforces standards to protect the design, construction, and operation of amusement rides and attractions. DIS​ reviews plans for new installations of non-portable amusement rides and provides consultations and inspections to ensure safe operations. Staff inspects ski lifts and tows.

Q​uestions regarding the amusement ride code​ can be sent​. ​

Report an Accident​

To report an amusement ride accident d​uring regular business hours please call (608) 445-6558 or (608) 267-9420.  After hours,​ weekends,​ or holidays, please call Wisconsin Emergency Management after-hours incident reporting at 1(800) 943-0003 ext. 2 for assistance.​

SBD-211Amusement Ride Accident Report

Letter to Amusement Ride OwnersLetter to Owners of Amusement Rides
Letter to Campground Owners
Letter to Owners of Campgrounds with Amusement Rides
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SBD-10823​Structural Steel Welding Program Brochure