Fire Safe Cigarettes

Cigarette manufacturers must certify to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services that cigarettes sold in Wisconsin are fire-safe. This certification is a result of 2007 Wisconsin Act 225.

The Division of Industry Services (DIS) is coordinating the implementation and enforcement of the Fire-Safe Certification regulations with the Wisconsin Department of Justice, which maintains a registry of cigarette manufacturers. As a company's cigarettes are certified to be fire-safe, the three-year certification will be noted in that registry.

SBD-10887Fire Safety Performance Manufacturer Certification

What is a fire-safe cigarette?

A fire-safe cigarette has a reduced tendency to burn when left unattended. The most common fire-safe technology used by cigarette manufacturers is to wrap cigarettes with two or three thin bands of less-porous paper that act as “speed bumps” to slow down a burning cigarette. If a fire-safe cigarette is left unattended, the burning tobacco will reach one of these speed bumps and self-extinguish.

Fire-safe cigarettes save lives.

Smoking materials are the number one cause of fire deaths in the United States, with 700 to 900 people still die each year due to cigarette-ignited fires.

The good news is that improved standards for cigarette-resistant materials in furniture and mattresses, and public education, all have helped cut down the number of fires caused by smoking materials and have saved many lives.

Fire-Safe cigarettes can still ignite furniture or bedding.

All cigarettes have the potential to ignite fires, but the use of “fire-safe” technology provides a tremendous reduction in those risks. A fire-safe cigarette cuts off the burning time before most cigarettes are able to ignite things like furniture or bedding material.