Mine Safety

The Division of Industry Services establishes and enforces standards to effect the safety of and to protect the design, construction, and operation of mines, quarries and related activities.

Questions regarding Mine Safety code can be sent to DSPSMineSafety@wi.gov.

Mine Safety Course Registration


2016 Newsletter Mine Safety Training Newsletter 2016
2015 ​Newsletter​Mine Safety Training Newsletter 2015
SBD-5186​Mine Safety Service Fee Letter & Form
SBD-6736​Notice to Begin Operation (Pit and Quarry)
​Notice of Blasting in the Community  
Notice of Blasting in the Community
​Request for Storage of Explosives in a Community
Request for Storage of Explosives in a Community


Are Explosive Materials Regulated Under the Mine Safety Program?

No. Explosive Materials are regulated separately from the Mine Safety Program. Visit the DSPS Explosives program page for more information.