Public Swimming Pools

The Division of Industry Services (DIS) review plans and specifications for the construction or alteration of public swimming pools. This includes whirlpools, public swimming pools, water recreation attractions, and swimming pool equipment. Consultation and inspection are also provided.

SPS 390 Design and Construction of Public Swimming Pools and Water Attractions (Appendix)

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  1. Start at the Plan Review page for information about the types of plan reviews required and how to submit.
  2. The design for the construction, alteration, or reconstruction of a public swimming pool or public whirlpool shall be submitted to the Division of Industry Services for review in accordance with SPS 390.04. "Public swimming pool" means a pool used for one or more purposes described in SPS 390.03(11) except for a pool serving fewer than three individual residential quarters such as homes or apartments.
  3. A public swimming pool includes a pool serving or installed for the state or any political subdivision of the state, including: a school district; a pool serving or installed at a motel, hotel, resort, camp, club, association, housing development or school, or a religious, charitable or youth organization; a mobile pool; and a pool at an educational or rehabilitative institution. Included in the meaning of a "public swimming pool" are buildings, equipment and appurtenances, irrespective of whether or not a fee is charged for their use.

Inspection is required by SPS 390.04(6) for every pool. When a plan is approved, one copy is sent to the inspector in that area. A rough-in inspection is required when the piping system is installed and before the concrete is poured. The pool contractor, engineer or architect must contact the inspector via telephone to schedule the rough-in inspection. When the pool is complete, a final inspection is also required and is made when the architect or engineer responsible for the project contacts the inspector. The architect or engineer responsible for the project must provide the equipment required by the inspector. A pool may not be licensed before the inspector approves the construction. The construction inspections are done by Industry Services staff.

City of Milwaukee

Contact the City of Milwaukee, Department of Neighborhood Services, for inspections of pools within their jurisdiction. Phone: (414) 286-5799, Address: 4001 South Sixth Street, Milwaukee

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