Professional Assistance Procedure

General Information

The Professional Assistance Procedure (PAP) is a non-disciplinary program for credentialed professionals with substance abuse issues who are committed to their own recovery.  The procedure is designed to protect the public by promoting early identification of chemically dependent professionals and encouraging rehabilitation.  It is also designed to provide an opportunity for qualified participants to continue practicing, without public discipline, while complying with the terms of a contract that is closely monitored by the Department. 

If you are a credentialed professional struggling with substance abuse issues, we encourage you to review the PAP Instructions and submit an application:

PAP Instructions


Also, if you would like to speak with the PAP Coordinator directly, please refer to the Contact Information section on this page.

Please note that participation in PAP will not exempt a credential holder from discipline.  It may be used in conjunction with the formal disciplinary process in situations where allegations of misconduct, negligence or violations of law exist, other than practicing while impaired by alcohol or other drugs. 

Forms & Information

2652DLSC​PAP Self-Report Form & AA/NA Attendance Log
​2656DLSC​PAP Therapy Report Form
​2655DLSC​PAP Work Supervisor Report Form