Occupational Therapists Affiliated Credentialing Board

The Occupational Therapists Affiliated Credentialing Board, created in Wis. Stat. § 15.406(5), is affiliated with the Medical Examining Board and has authority as outlined in Wis. Stat. ch. 448, subch. VII.

Contact: Yolanda Y. McGowan, Division Administrator



The members of the Occupational Therapists Affiliated Credentialing Board are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature to serve 4-year terms. The Board consists of 3 Occupational Therapists, 2 Occupational Therapy Assistants, and 2 public members.

MemberOfficerMember TypeTerm Expiration
Holmquist, Brian B.ChairpersonOccupational Therapist Member7/1/2013*
​O'Brien, Laura ​Vice Chairperson​Occupational Therapist Member​7/1/2019
​Black, Teresa L.​Occupational Therapist Assistant Member​7/1/2023
​Erickson, Terry​Public Member​7/1/2023
Summers, Amy K.Occupational Therapist Member7/1/2018*
​Vacant​Occupational Therapist Assistant Member
Vacant​Public Member

*Board members whose terms have expired may continue to serve until their successor is confirmed by the Senate.


None at this time.

Last updated: 7/5/2019