Unarmed Combat Sports Code Advisory Committee Meeting Dates, Agendas, and Minutes

2017 Board Meetings


The Committee is currently inactive.

2016 Committee Meetings

June 27, 2016​9:00 a.m.121CAgenda**​Minutes
​August 31, 20169:00 a.m.121C ​Agenda**Minutes
​October 11, 2016​10:00 a.m.​121C ​Agenda​**Minutes
November 10, 2016​9:00 a.m.​121C Agenda**Minutes
​November 29, 2016​9:00 a.m.121C​ Agenda​​**Minutes
​December 9, 2016​9:00 a.m.​121C Agenda​**Minutes
​December 28, 2016​9:00 a.m.121C​Agenda**Minutes​

**Minutes from Committee meetings are not posted, as the Committee is serving in an advisory capacity. Final Rules regarding Unarmed Combat Sports will be made available when complete.