Dentist Continuing Education


30 credit hours of continuing education related to the practice of dentistry or the practice of medicine. The 30 credit hours of continuing education shall include not less than 25 credit hours of instruction in clinical dentistry or clinical medicine

CE courses must be sponsored or recognized by local, state, regional, national, or international dental or medical professional organization, or be college-level courses offered by a postsecondary institution accredited by the American Dental Association commission on dental accreditation or a successor agency, or by another recognized accrediting body.  Continuing education credit may also be granted for study groups as defined in DE 13.02 (4).

Active enrollment in an accredited post−doctoral dental residency training program for at least 12 months of the current licensure cycle will be accepted as meeting the required 30 credit hours of continuing education​ 

CPR and AED must be current to practice dentistry.

NOTE: Continuing education requirements do not apply to the biennium in which a license is first issued.