Optometrist Continuing Education

​Continuing Education Courses:                               

All optometrists are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education from approved sources in each biennial registration period. A minimum of 20 of the 30 hours shall relate to ocular health, conditions, or disease management. Those authorized to use DPA and TPA may also take CE related to removal of superficial foreign bodies from the eye or an appendage to the eye. 

The 30 hours must include 2 hours on the topic of responsible prescribing of controlled substances.

​Courses in relevant content areas approved by COPE or sponsored by a state optometric association, the American Optometric Association, the American Academy of Optometry, or an accredited school or college of optometry are approved without application to the Board.

Other providers may apply to the Board for approval. Submit the Optometric Continuing Education Approval Form.

Biennium from 12/15/odd - 12/14/odd year.

See Administrative Code for more details.