POWTS Inspector Exam Information

​The exam is open book, and the passing score is 70%.  Please visit the Trades Examination Information page for additional exam information and dates.

The exam will cover information contained in the following:

Please Note: A thorough knowledge of the electrical code is not required. However, there are a few issues associated with proper electrical connections to pumps and other components.

The major chapters associated with the POWTS exam are based off of the plumbing code, (381-387) below are the most helpful:

Copies of Wisconsin Administrative Codes may be printed from the Wisconsin State Legislature site or obtained from Document Sales online or by calling (608) 243-2441 or (800) 362-7253.  International model codes and accessibility standards can be obtained from the International Code Council (ICC) or by calling (800) 786-4452.  When there is a change to Wisconsin codes, exams will cover the new codes three months after the effective date.