Wisconsin Fund

​​The Wisconsin Fund is a program that provides grants to homeowners and small commercial businesses to help offset a portion of the cost for the repair, rehabilitation, or replacement of existing failing Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS). Eligibility is based upon several criteria, including household income and age of the structure. 67 counties out of Wisconsin's 72 counties, the City of Franklin, and the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin participate in the program. County government officials assist interested individuals in determining eligibility and in preparation of grant applications.

Questions regarding the Wisconsin Fund can be sent to DSPSFiscalWIFund@wisconsin.gov


SBD-9163Owners Application (R10/2012​)
SBD-9166Eligible Applicant List (R12/2013)
Government Unit Application (R12/2013)
SBD-9167Grant Worksheet
SBD-9165Payment Claim Worksheet (R12/2013)
SBD-9164Request for Payment (R12/2013)


BrochureBrochure explaining the Wisconsin Fund