​​​​​​Inspections for Professionally Licensed Businesses

Business inspections performed by the Division of Legal Services and Compliance (DLSC) are the result of initial licensure or are triggered by complaints.

If you believe the sanitation practices of a professionally licensed establishment or individual should be inspected, File a Complaint against the credential holder. With the exception of Wholesale Distributors of Prescription Drugs, inspections may be random and unannounced.

If you need to submit a self-inspection as a part of the licensure process for your business you can find those forms on the profession-specific page found under Professions.

In certain situations, a few businesses must request an inspection. If you need to request an inspection for one of these professionally licensed businesses please follow the links below:

Inspections for Trades Programs

The Division of Industry Services (DIS) conducts inspections for many of its program areas. See the specific program page for more information. For inspections performed within a delegated municipality, see the Delegated Agents page.