Drug or Device Manufacturer

License Information

Per Wis. Stat. § 440.08 (2), the required renewal date for the Drug or Device Manufacturer credential is 05/31/even years.  Should you receive your initial credential in the months leading up to this date, you are still required to renew your license by the statutorily defined date.

Requirements for Licensure

  • Drug or device manufacturing facilities, which are located within the state of Wisconsin, are required to obtain a manufacturer's license from the Board.
  • A corporate headquarters for a drug manufacturer, located in this state, does not need to be licensed as a manufacturer if the headquarters is not a facility where manufacturing occurs.
  • A drug manufacturer may retain title to prescription drugs distributed to pharmacies until the medications are actually sold to a consumer pursuant to a prescription order.  The pharmacy laws in this state do not prohibit the business arrangement proposed.
  • No distributor's license would be required for an out-of-state manufacturing facility that engages in the wholesale distribution of prescription drugs in this state from that manufacturing facility.


  • If applicable, register with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
  • Complete and submit Application for Drug or Device Manufacturer including all required documentation and fee(s).
  • Review of application.  If the establishment has not been inspected by the FDA or DEA, it must be inspected by the Department prior to licensure.
  • Determination to grant credential.

Application for Licensure

611Application for In-State Drug or Device Manufacturer License
2599Drug or Device Manufacturer Self-Inspection Report
2252​Convictions and Pending Charges
3071​Fax Payment Form

Procedures for Reporting DEA Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances

2691Division of Enforcement Supplemental DEA Form for Reporting of Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances
2821Procedures for Reporting Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances (You will also need to contact the DEA and complete the DEA Form for Reporting a Theft or Loss of Controlled Substances)

Renewal Information


  • FEE (See Renewal Dates and Fees)

Renewal Methods

  • Online Log In: License Renewal Online
  • Request a Paper Renewal Form: (888) 506‑4239 or (608) 261‑4460 for the Madison area
RDAFRenewal Dates and Fees