LicensE User Guides and Videos

 Now​ Live for Trades Credentials!

is your online, self-guided occupational license application platform for Health, Business, Trades, Manufactured Homes, and Unarmed Combat Sports credentials and permits. 

All applications for licensure and permits must be made through LicensE​Go to to apply for a license. Please refer to the LicensE Applicant User Guide for assistance. 

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​Third-Party Resources

Third parties include educational institutions, employers, testing centers, and other individuals and entities who need to supply documentation on behalf of an applicant.​ Please see the LicensE User Guides and Videos page​ for third-party user guides, demo videos, and more.

Our LicensE Application Status Lookup tool makes it easier for employers, and academic institutions to support applicants during the licensing process. To access the tool, you will need the applicant's 10-digit PAR number. Applicants may provide the number to anyone working to support their application. Find more information in our news release about this tool.​​

​The following videos and user guides have been created to assist you in navigating the new LicensE portal. Additional resources will be made available in the future.

For more information on LicensE, please visit the LicensE Customer Information​​ page.

​Customer Videos

​User Demo Videos​
​​A 14-minute video to provide you with an overview of registering and creating an application in the LicensE system.
A brief video to provide third parties instructions​ for uploading supporting documents and certifications for credential applicants. Also see the Third​-Party Document Upload User Guide for ​additional information. 
A brief video with instructions for applicants on how to download and print their licensing certificate within LicensE.​​ 


A video demonstration of the LicensE Educator Portal hosted by DSPS leadership and staff with information on how educators can participate in the licensing process ​within LicensE.​​ 


​A video demonstration of Resident Educational License (REL) renewal in LicensE hosted by DSPS leadership and staff with information on how RELs can now renew in LicensE, how post-grad training programs can upload documents, and how to request support.

​LicensE User Guides​ and FAQs​

​LicensE Quick Reference Guides and FAQs
LicensE User FAQs
​​This document lists questions and answers for LicensE users covering several areas including "Getting Started", "Submitting an Application", and "Miscellaneous".  Additional items will be added to the list, so check back for the latest update.​

Forgot/Reset Password in LicensE
​This document  provides the steps when you forget or need to reset your password in LicensE.

​LicensE Application Status Lookup
​This tool will make it easier for employers to track the application status of current and future employees, and it will help academic advisors support students during the license application process. To access the Application Status Lookup tool, individuals will need an applicant's 10-digit PAR number. An applicant may provide the number to anyone who could support their application. ​​​​
LicensE Renewal Instructions
​This document provides the steps for renewing your license in LicensE.

​LicensE User Guides
LicensE​ Applicant User Guide
​This user guide covers the features available in the LicensE portal. Applicants will see how to register, log into LicensE​, complete an application, view their application status, and review their approved licenses. They can also renew some licenses, request amendments to their application, manage employees, and change ownership.​
Third-Party Document​ Upload User Guide
​This user guide covers the third-party document upload process in the LicensE portal.​ Applicants will need to provide the third-party with their Application ID Number which is necessary to upload documents.

LEAP Guidance Document
This document explains the process college administrators will use to verify the graduation or program completion for individual or multiple students via the LicensE Educator Access Portal (LEAP)​​​.

A Quick Look at LicensE: A Video