LicensE Customer Information

​​ Now Live: Easier Online License Applications and Renewals​​!

LicensE, our new, online, self-guided occupational license application platform is now live! The list of licenses available via LicensE is available below. Anyone applying for an initial license for any of the credentials listed can apply at​

Who can use LicensE? Applicants for initial health care licenses are our primary LicensE users, but we know many other organizations and institutions will need to submit documents through the platform. Anyone who is not an applicant or a DSPS employee is considered a LicensE third-party user. Third-parties include educational institutions, employers, testing centers, and any other individual or entity who needs to supply documentation on behalf of an applicant. Please see our Additional​ Resources​ for third-party user guides, demo videos, and more.​​​

LicensE is also available for some license renewals - currently twenty-seven professions. The complete list of license renewals available via LicensE is near the bottom of the LicensE Customer Information page. To renew other licenses, click HERE. ​If you already have a pending application, you should not apply again in LicensE. Note that applicants who apply multiple times will be charged for each ​application.​

We are introducing a new LicensE Application Status Lookup tool. This tool will make it easier for employers to track the application status of current and future employees, and it will help academic advisors support students during the license application process. To access the Application Status Lookup tool, individuals will need an applicant's 10-digit PAR number. An applicant may provide the number to anyone who could support their application. For more information, see our press release.

A Quick Look at LicensE: A Video​​​

​​Current Professions in LicensE

(Click on the profession below to go to the profession page containing an information form with licensing​ requirements.)

Current Renewals in LicensE

(​Click on the profession below to go to the profession page containing the renewal ​requirements and click HERE ​for instructions for renewals in LicensE.)

We recommend using the latest version of Chrome for the best LicensE experience.
If you prefer Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, please make sure you are using the latest version. It is also recommended that you turn off popup blockers during your ​application process, as it may stop licensees from making payments.​​


Please view the LicensE User Guides and Videos​​ page to learn more about LicensE​​​​​.​​​​​