Certified General Appraiser Continuing Education

28 hours of approved continuing education must include the 7 Hour USPAP Update course. Completion of the 15-hour USPAP course can be used for qualifying education or general continuing education hours only; it does not satisfy the requirement to complete the 7-hour National USPAP Update Course. 

List of Wisconsin Approved Courses

PLEASE NOTE: Courses that have been approved by the AQB do not require separate approval. For the most current listing, please visit the AQB-Approved (CAP) Course Listing site.

NOTE: In the biennium when credential is first issued, 14 hours, including the 7 hours of USPAP, are required for each full or partial year of that biennium.

Biennium from 12/15 odd year – 12/14/odd year.

See the Administrative Code for more details.

Forms for Educators (Qualifying Ed. and Continuing Ed.)

1895Course and Instructor Approval Form
2963Instructor Criteria
2940​Instructions for Course and Instructor Approval