Certified Residential Appraiser Continuing Education

​28 hours of approved continuing education must include the 7 Hour USPAP Update course. Completion of the 15-hour USPAP course can be used for qualifying education or general continuing education hours only; it does not satisfy the requirement to complete the 7-hour National USPAP Update Course. 

The Wisconsin Administrative Code states that a 7-Hour USPAP Update must have been taken during the biennium in order to renew an appraisal license. Due to the timing of our renewal date, this can be either  the 2018-2019 or the 2020-2021 USPAP Update. That said, federal guidelines state that appraisers cannot skip a USPAP Update period, so a license holder should ensure that they have taken the 2018-2019 Update at some point prior to taking the 2020-2021 Update. 

List of Wisconsin Approved Courses

PLEASE NOTE: Courses that have been approved by the AQB do not require separate approval. For the most current listing, please visit the AQB-Approved (CAP) Course Listing site.

NOTE: In the biennium when credential is first issued, 14 hours, including the 7 hours of USPAP, are required for each full or partial year of that biennium.

Partnership with CE Broker

At this time, it is not required that Real Estate Appraiser licensees register for a CE Broker account, but it is strongly encouraged that licensees start using this as a tool to assist in the tracking of required continuing education. CE Broker will be the primary tool used in federally required audits of Real Estate Appraisers moving forward, and any licensee audited will be required to enter continuing education in CE Broker. So, signing up for an account now will expediate any future continuing education audits.

You can sign up for a free Basic Account that puts helpful CE tracking tools right at your fingertips. Within the free Basic Account, you will have access to your Course History and CE Compliance Status. This lists all courses reported thus far and indicates if you have satisfied your renewal requirements. From here, you may easily find and report any courses that might be missing

One of the best free tools CE Broker provides is the Course Search, where you can find every course needed to successfully complete your license renewal. After finishing each course, education providers will report the credits directly into CE Broker for you - but you should always retain a copy of the certificates for your records. To find courses, visit courses.cebroker.com/search/wi and select your profession.

CE Broker's support center is based in Jacksonville, FL and staffed with experts. Open 7AM- 7PM CST, Monday through Friday, you can reach them by phone at 877-434-6323, or via email and live chat. For additional information and helpful guides, please visit: https://help.cebroker.com/hc/en-us

You can also upgrade from the Basic Account to a Professional Account or Concierge Account, which offers above-and-beyond CE tracking tools to further simplify your renewal process, for a fee. With the Professional account, you can access a personalized
CE Transcript which outlines exactly what requirements you have left to complete. The Concierge account even includes your own CE Broker account manager who can guide you through the reporting process, step by step.

Other Benefits of Using CE Broker:

  1. If you are ever selected for audit, you will automatically pass if you are current in CE Broker
  2. Track and know precisely how many hours you've completed and how many hours are remaining
  3. Available convenience features like a personalized transcript and a personal account manager 
  4. Bring CE compliance wherever you go with the CE Broker mobile app. Available on iPhone and Android. 

    Activating your CE Broker account is a simple 3-step process;

    1.) Visit https://cebroker.com/wi/plans;

    2.) Select the plan that's best for you;

    3.) Enter your license number and start tracking your continuing education today! ​

Biennium from 12/15 odd year – 12/14/odd year.

See the Administrative Code for more details.

Forms for Educators (Qualifying Ed. and Continuing Ed.)

1895Course and Instructor Approval Form
2963Instructor Criteria
2940​Instructions for Course and Instructor Approval