Auctioneer Exam Information

​​​​The State exam for Auctioneers consists of the following topics. The exam is derived from the Wisconsin statutes and administrative code book for Auctioneers, Basic Math, and a minimal amount of questions from the federal code regarding gun sales. The exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions.


The exam content is drawn from applicable state statutes and administrative code chapters specific to the profession. The purpose of the exam is to familiarize yourself with locating the statutes and administrative code that regulate the practice of the profession. Statutes for the State of Wisconsin and the Administrative Code book for the profession can be found in the sidebar on the right.

The state exam consists of material taken from the following statutes and code chapters:

  • Chapter SPS 120
  • Chapter SPS 123
  • Chapter SPS 124
  • Chapter SPS 125
  • Chapter SPS 126
  • Chapter 95
  • Chapter 138
  • Chapter 480
  • Chapter Tax 11.50
  • General Math Questions
  • US Code Title 18, sec. 922
  • Other, including material from: ch. 29, 77, 100, WI Stat., ch. 218 WI Stat., ch. 402 WI Stat., ch. SPS 121, WI admin. code

Exam Dates

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NOTE: Application must be received, processed and approved 30 days prior to the next exam date.