Hearing Instrument Specialist Exam Information

International Hearing Society International Licensing Exam (IHS/ILE)

When you initially register for licensure with DSPS and are deemed eligible, your information will then be forwarded by DSPS to IHS, who will then send you registration and study materials for the ILE.

State Practical Examination, consisting of an Audiometric and Ear Mold Practical Examination

For more information pertaining to content, please see s. 459.06 (2), Wis. Stats and Chapter HAS 3 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

Hearing Instrument Specialist Practical Exam Dates


NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, future HIS/Audiology Examinations have been postponed until the earliest-possible date in which they can be administered within health and safety guidelines.

Practical Exam Study Guide for Hearing Instrument Specialists & Audiologists

NOTE: Application must be received, processed and approved 30 days prior to the next exam date.

Testing Accommodations Forms

1907Disability Modification Request Form for Examinations
2349Requests for Modification of Examinations for Persons With Disabilities
2350Professional Verification of Request for Modifications​