Manufactured Homes Dealers and Salespeople

The Electronic Safety and Licensing Application (eSLA) is now live for Manufactured Homes Dealers and Salespeople. Public Lookup is also live for these credentials in eSLA.

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License Information 

A license is required if two or more manufactured homes are sold in a calendar year. To be licensed as manufactured home dealer, the licensee must submit an application packet and meet the requirements set forth in Wis. Stat. § 101.951 and Wis. Admin. Code § SPS 305.

Overview of the Dealer program.

Manufactured Homes Dealers and Salespeople Online Application via eSLA 


SBD-10676Manufactured Home Dealer
SBD-10677Manufactured Home Salesperson
SBD-10678Manufactured Home Dealer Financial Statement
​SBD-10679​Manufactured Home Dealer Bond
​SBD-10681​Manufactured Home Dealer Business Facilities Affidavit
SBD-10685​Manufactured Home Dealer Service Agreement
SBD-10784​Manufactured Home Tax State For Out-Of-State Dealers
SBD-10807CManufactured Home Purchase Contract​
SBD-10807O​Manufactured Home Offer to Purchase
SBD-10807S​Manufactured Home Purchase Schedules
SBD-10808​Consignment/Listing Agreement for Sale of Manufactured Home
​Used Home Disclosure Statement


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