Manufactured Homes Dealers and Salespeople

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All initial, reinstatement, and renewal applications for a Trades credential must now be made through LicensE, your online, self-guided licensing platform.

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  • For those renewing in LicensE for the first time or looking for more information about LicensE, including exams, refer to the “Trades LicensE Information" document.
  • Please review the LicensE Applicant User Guide for help. 
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License Information

A license is required if two or more manufactured homes are sold in a calendar year. To be licensed as manufactured home dealer, the licensee must submit an application packet and meet the requirements set forth in Wis. Stat. § 101.951 and Wis. Admin. Code ch. SPS 305.

Overview of the Dealer program.


SBD-10676Manufactured Home Dealer
SBD-10677Manufactured Home Salesperson
SBD-10678Manufactured Home Dealer Financial Statement
​SBD-10679​Manufactured Home Dealer Bond
​SBD-10681​Manufactured Home Dealer Business Facilities Affidavit
SBD-10685​Manufactured Home Dealer Service Agreement
SBD-10784​Manufactured Home Tax State For Out-Of-State Dealers
SBD-10807CManufactured Home Purchase Contract​
SBD-10807O​Manufactured Home Offer to Purchase
SBD-10807S​Manufactured Home Purchase Schedules
SBD-10808​Consignment/Listing Agreement for Sale of Manufactured Home
​Used Home Disclosure Statement


Department of Safety and Professional Services
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Madison, WI 53705

Phone: (608) 266-2112​

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