​Manufactured Homes Titling Program

​​​The Electronic Safety and Licensing Application (eSLA) is now live for Manufactured Homes Titling Program. Customers must use eSLA to submit plan reviews/permits, as well as search the ​Public Lookup for this program area.

Visit esla.wi.gov to get started, or go to the Customer Information page for instructions on first-time login.

Please review the information and forms needed for your specific Manufactured Home Title situation in the Transactions Involving Manufactured/Mobile Homes and Forms sections below. Information on Landlord/Tenant Issues or Camper, Trailer, and Mobile Park Model Titling can be found in the Related Links section.

Questions regarding the Manufactured/Mobile Homes code can be sent to DSPSSBManfHomes@wi.gov.

Transactions Involving Manufactured/Mobile Homes

The Division of Professional Credential Processing provides various scenarios concerning what you might wish to accomplish. They are accompanied by note of what information you need to submit to complete what you want to do. For more information, contact the manufactured home email group, DspsSbManfHomes@wi.gov.

According to state law, a manufactured home title is not needed when:
101.9203(4) stats. The owner of a manufactured home that is situated in this state or intended to be situated in this state is not required to make application for a certificate of title under s. 101.9209 if the owner of the manufactured home intends, upon acquiring the manufactured home, to make the manufactured home a fixture to land in which the owner of the manufactured home has an ownership or leasehold interest subject to ch. 706.

Transfer Ownership Without a Secured Party Listed on Title

Submit the following:

If no title, include:

Transfer Ownership with a Secured Party Listed on Title

Submit the following:

  • Title

If no title, include:

  • Title Application SBD-10687

  • Lien Release from Secured Party

  • Applicable Fees

Replacement Title (Requestor must be owner listed on previous title)

Submit the following:

  • Certificate Application SBD-10687

  • Applicable Fees

Lien Removal

Removal of a Lien is a free service. Please submit the following:

  • Title
  • Lien Release from Secured Party

If no title, submit lien release with a replacement title request on Form SBD-10687 and $8 fee.
If your address is different than that on the title, then please submit a note with new address.

Transfers at Death

Deceased Person's Estate valued at $50,000 or less, please submit the following:

  • Original Certified Death Certificate
  • Original Title
  • If no title, include $8 replacement fee
  • Form SBD-10693
  • $15.50 or $23 fee
  • Heirs (not spouses or domestic partners) who are not co-owners on the original title should also complete and submit Transfer Affidavit (Wis. Courts form PR 1831)

Deceased person's total estate over $50,000, then please submit the following: 

  • $23 Title Fee
  • Title application SBD-10687, in name of new owner
  • Original Title with Deceased listed as owner, signed by Personal Representative
  • If no title, include $8 replacement fee AND Bill of Sale or SBD-10696 signed by Personal Representative
  • Domiciliary letter naming Personal Representative or probate court order directing the transfer.

Error in "Buyer" and/or "Seller" portion on Title

Submit Statement of Intent SBD-10697 and contact the Department for additional instruction, by email at DspsSbManfHomes@wi.gov or by phone at 608.266.2112, option 3.

Legal Name Change

Submit the following:

  • Name Change Form SBD-10698

  • Original Title

  • There are no fees.

Power of Attorney

In addition to paperwork listed in situations above, must also submit authorization to act as power of attorney.  Powers of Attorney terminate at the death of the principal.

Transferring Ownership due to Repossession by a Secured Party (form to be used only by Secured Party listed on title)

Submit the following:

  • Repossession Form SBD-10699

  • Lien Release from Secured Party

  • If transferring to new owner other than secured party, submit Form SBD-10687

Abandonment to Landlord

Submit the following:

Do NOT Submit SBD-10688 or the Notice of Intent Letters.

Adding a Secured Party (without transferring ownership)

Submit the following:

  • Certificate Application SBD-10687

  • Title

  • $4 Loan Filing Fee

Obtaining a State Assigned Serial Number

Step 1: Look in the following locations for the VIN/ Serial Number: Doorframe, Kitchen Cabinet Door, Fuse Box, Furnace, Door, or the Hitch.

Step 2:  Ask your mobile home park office, if applicable, for help identifying the serial number from their records.

Step 3: Email DspsSbManfHomes@wi.gov with any of the following information that you do know:

  • Previous owners' name(s)

  • Address of the home or prior addresses

  • Size of the home

  • Home Manufacturer and year

Step 4: Staff will direct you based upon their search results.

Owner Record Information Request

Manufactured Home Records Search (eSLA Public Lookup)

Open Records Notice and Requests

SBD-10687 Manufactured Home Title Application and Instructions
Use this form for most transactions, including transfers, requesting a replacement title, or adding a lien.

Manufactured Home Title Online Application via eSLA 
​SBD-10688 Indemnity Statement
​Include this form when you do not have a title or certificate of origin.
​SBD-10700 Trustee's Statement for Certificate of Title
​Include this form when titling a home in the name of a trust.
​SBD-10693 Statement of Transfer of Manufactured Homes to an Heir, Surviving Spouse or Domestic Partner
​Use this form for transfers at death where the total estate of the deceased is worth $50,000 or less.  You may also need,Transfer Affidavit (Wis. Courts form PR 1831).
SBD-10696 Statement of Manufactured Home Transfer ​Include this form for transfers when the seller does not have his/her title.
Warning: If seller cannot provide title, then verify with DSPS, prior to the sale the registered owner and that home is clear of liens.
​SBD-10697 Statement of Intent​Include this form to correct an error in your application for title.
SBD-10698 Name Change/Correction Statement ​Use this form to change your name or the spelling of your name.
SBD-10699 Substantiation for Manufactured Homes Titling or Retitling by Repossession Security Agreement​This form may be used by secured parties previously listed on a title.
SBD-10702 Abandonment to Landlord ​This form may be used by a land owner to take or transfer ownership of an abandoned home on the land.
Manufactured Home Records Search (eSLA Public Lookup)​

Open Records Notice and Requests
​Manufactured Home/Owner Record Information
​SBD-10773 Statement of Consent to Purchase, Under 18 Years Old ​Include this form for purchases by minor persons.
SBD-10883 Permission to Pick Up or Deliver Title​Include this form to allow someone other than registered owner to receive a title.
SBD​-3209 Acknowledgement of Manufactured Home Title Surrender ​Use this form to convert a home affixed to a foundation to real property.



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