Nursing Schools

Nursing Refresher Courses

Wis. Admin. Code Chapter N 1.12 lists nursing refresher course approval requirements for professional nurses and for practical nurses. 

A nursing refresher course is designed for nurses who have not been practicing for five years or more. Courses must be approved by the Board of Nursing and will be included on a listing of approved nursing refresher courses. Individual nursing refresher course participants are required to submit curriculum only if the course is not already included on the approved course list.

Information for Nursing Refresher Course Providers

To have a nursing refresher course considered for approval, it is necessary to submit the course curriculum along with a completed and signed request form, Request for Approval of a Nursing Refresher Course (Form 3066OEE). If the course is approved, it will be added to the list of approved nursing refresher courses posted to the DSPS website (please see web links to lists below).

Approved Nursing Refresher Courses

Please click on the link below for a list of approved nursing refresher courses for professional nurses (RN) and practical nurses (PN): 


NCLEX Pass Rate Information

Wis. Admin. Code Chapter N 1.09 lists information and requirements for meeting NCLEX pass rate standards for professional nursing schools and practical nursing schools.

PLEASE NOTE: The Board of Nursing shall consider both the Registered Nurse (RN) NCLEX and Practical Nurse (PN) NCLEX annual pass rates when evaluating a school of professional nursing that grants a certificate of completion for practical nursing.

​Approved Schools and Programs

Approved In State Nursing Schools

Approved Out Of State Nursing Schools​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Applying for Approval of Schools and Programs

Form 3031 ​- Guidelines for Nursing School Approval 

Form 1004 - Clinical Facility Selection and Simulated Setting Experiences

Form 1114 - Faculty/Educational Administrator Qualification Record

Form 2662 - Request for Nursing Faculty Exception

Form 3025 - Application for Authorization to Plan a School of Nursing

Form 3027 - Request for Authorization to Admit Students to a Nursing School

Form 3028 - Nursing Program Self-Evaluation Report for Continuation of Approval
    (Due to BON by 2/1/2025)

Form 3029 - Nursing School Self Evaluation Report for Initial Board of Nursing Approval 

Form 3067OEE - Request for Approval of Out-of-State School of Nursing

Form 3069OEE - Out-of-State Nursing School Self-Evaluation Report for Continuation of Approval
    (Due to BON by 2/1/2025)