Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Systems


The Division of Industry Services (DIS) Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Systems Program includes all fire protection systems. Rules are administered pertaining to fire protection systems. There are credentials administered for automatic fire sprinkler system workers, according to SPS 305 Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations. Fire protection system plan review is offered. See also Fire PreventionFire Department Safety and Health, and ​Commercial Buildings Programs.

DIS coordinates with local certified municipalities and/or fire departments that provide plan review and inspection services for certain types of buildings.​ To become a local certified municipality, please visit the Delegated Agents​ page.​

Questions regarding fire protection systems can be sent to ​

Plan Review​​​​

1. Start at the Plan Review page for general information on submitting electronically. Also check the Delegated Municipality List to see if you can submit your plan review to the local municipality in lieu​ of DIS.

2. Use the instructions and guidance documents on the eSLA Support page​ to establish your eSLA login profile and navigate the application process.​

3​. Use the Plan Review Checklist (Forms section below) and Submittal Guidelines​ (Publications section below) to ensure all required information is included in your submittal. Be sure to include the following documentation in the Attachments section of your application:

  • Plan Submittal - One file of the entire fire protection plan set.​
  • Signature Page​​ - Required when the total building volume is over 50,000 cubic feet and this is a stand-alone project with no previous building review conducted by the Department.
  • Additional Documentation - Combine all documentation into one file. Include:
    ​Required for a Fire Suppression Submittal
​​4. Start your plan review application on the eSLA portal​.​

Buildings may be inspected at various stages during construction. The inspections will be done by a DIS Commercial Building Inspector, except when the project is located within a delegated municipality where a local inspector will provide the inspection services. You may also need local permits. 

Municipalitites delegated for inspections​

DSPS Commercial Building Inspection District Map​​


Buildings, HVAC, Fire Protection Application for Review​ for Delegated Agent use only​
​SBD-9720​Compliance Statement
SBD-9890X​Petition for Variance
​SBD-10717​Combination water calc worksheet for home plumbing system and 13D fire protection system
​​SBD-10860​Combination water calc worksheet for home plumbing system and 13D fire protection system
​Storage & High-Hazard Worksheet​Storage and High-Hazard Fire Protection System Submittal Worksheet
Fire Suppression/Alarm Subm​ittal Checklist​
​Checklist required for plan review submissions


Intro to Fire Suppression Plan Review
Introduction to DSPS Fire Suppression Plan Review Process
​​Fire Alarm Submittal​Fire Alarm Submittal Guidelines
​Fire Suppression Submittal​Fire Suppression Submittal Guidelines

Code​ Up​dates and Resources​​​​

2013 Act 270 Grandfathered Ordinances

2013 Act 270 establishes a uniform commercial building code in Wisconsin, while allowing municipalities to grandfather fire detection, prevention, and suppression ordinances that relate to the construction, alteration, or addition to a public building or building that is a place of employment. An ordinance that is grandfathered has passed the requirements laid out by the Legislature in Wisconsin Statute §101.02(7r)(b).

2013 Act 270 Grandfathered Ordinances

​ ​