Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Systems

The Division of Industry Services Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems Program includes fire detection, notification, alarm, and suppression systems. Rules are administered pertaining to fire protection systems. There are credentials administered for automatic fire sprinkler system workers, according to SPS 305 Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations. Fire protection system plan review is offered. See also Fire Prevention, Fire Department Safety and Health, and Commercial Buildings Programs.

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Fire Alarm Submittal Guidelines

Fire Suppression Submittal Guidelines


Buildings, HVAC, Fire Protection Application for Review
​SBD-9720​Compliance Statement
SBD-9890X​Petition for Variance
​SBD-10717​Combination water calc worksheet for home plumbing system and 13D fire protection system
​SBD-10719​Fire Protection Plan Review Agent Application Form
SBD-10860​Combination water calc worksheet for home plumbing system and 13D fire protection system
​Storage & High-Hazard Worksheet​Storage and High-Hazard Fire Protection System Submittal Worksheet


Fire Protection Agents

The following municipalities are delegated agents of the department to perform plan review of fire detection and suppression systems as prescribed under SPS 361.30: City of Appleton; City of Burlington; City of Madison; Village of McFarland; City of Oak Creek; City of Verona; City of West Allis. The City of Milwaukee also has plan review authority.


Intro to Fire Suppression Plan Review
Introduction to DSPS Fire Suppression Plan Review Process
2005 Wisconsin Act 78
2005 Wisconsin Act 78 Informational Letter
Aircraft Hangars​Fire protection systems are not mandated in all new aircraft hangars in Wisconsin
Fire Alarm Submittal​Fire Alarm Submittal Guidelines
​Fire Suppression Submittal​Fire Suppression Submittal Guidelines