eSLA User Guides and Videos

​​​​​​​​​​​The following videos and user guides have been created to assist you in navigating the new Electronic Safety and Licensing Application (eSLA). Additional resources will be made available in the future. 

For more information on eSLA, please visit the eSLA Customer Information​ page.

​Customer Videos

​​The Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) has compiled an eSLA Playlist of instructional videos on YouTube in order to help you use the new system. These videos are linked in the user guides below where applicable. Please subscribe to the DSPS YouTube Channel​ to be notified when new videos are add​ed.

eSLA User Guides​

​All Program Areas
​​Customer​ Setup User Guide
Ins​tructions for setting up an eSLA login as a new or existing DSPS customer and associating your login to a business account. Includes information on the relationship between a login and business accounts.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for topics ranging from login, profile management, and working within eSLA.​
​Information and definitions of terms commonly used throughout eSLA and in communications with DSPS staff.
​eSLA Numbering System
​A guide to the eSLA numbering system for applications, permits, credentials, and plan reviews.
Transaction Codes
​Cross reference transaction codes used in the previous plan review system (Regulated Objects) with those used in eSLA.

​2% Fire Dues
Fire Chief User Guide
Instructions for Fire Chief 2% Dues Self-Certification, printing Chief/Inspector Cards, updating information, and more
Municipal Clerk User GuideInstructions for Municipal Clerk 2% Fire Dues Self-Certification, adding/changing Municipality Fire Service, updating information, and more
​Commercial Buildings, HVAC, and Fire Suppression/Fire Alarm​
​Definitions and Commonly Used Terms
​Definitions and terms commonly used in commercial building, HVAC, and Fire Suppression/Fire Alarm submittals.
Commercial Buildings Portal Users Guide
Instructions for User Account Set Up, Adding a Business Account, Submitting a Plan Review (both for Commercial Building Only and for Fire Suppression/Fire Alarm 
Submitting ​​a Building Plan Review ApplicationInstructions for Submitting a Commercial Building Plan Review Application 

​Public Lookup for Existing Commercial Buildings
​Instructions for using Public Lookup to make your follow-up application easier to complete and properly link your current submittal with the parent submittal
Service Request for Commercial Buildings
Instructions for Submitting a Service Request for Commercial Buildings. Service requests are used to submit Components, Compliance Statements, Revisions, Extension Requests and to submit Additional Information
Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Application Instructions
​Instructions for How to Submit a Fire Suppression of Fire Alarm Plan Review Application
eSLA Plan Approval Extension Request Video
​Demonstration of how to Submit a Plan Approval Extension Request in eSLA

​eSLA Withdraw Application Video
​Demonstration of how to Withdraw an Application in eSLA prior to a plan review action being taken
​eSLA Compliance Statement Submittal Video
​Demonstration of how to Submit a Compliance Statement in eSLA

eSLA Component Submittal Video
​Demonstration of how to Submit a Component in eSLA

eSLA Revision Submittal Video
Demonstration of how to Submit a Revision to a previously approved plan in eSLA

​eSLA Building & HVAC Plan Review Submittal Video
​Demonstration of how to Schedule a New Building and HVAC Plan Review in eSLA 
eSLA Petition for Variance - Commercial Building Video​
​Demonstration of how to Schedule and Submit a Commercial Building Petition for Variance in eSLA​
Cross Connection Control Assembly (CCCA)
CCCA User Guide
Instructions for CCCA Renewals and new CCCA Applications
Electrical User Guide
Instructions for Electrical Permit and/or Plan Review Applications, Training Requests, Miscellaneous Inspection Requests, Field Consultation Requests, and more
Electrical Permit Application Instructions
​Instructions​ with screenshots for Electrical Permit Applications

​Electrical Petition f​or Variance Instructions​
​​Instructions​ with screenshots for Electrical Petition for Variance
Elevator Application Instructions
Instructions for Applying for Approval to Begin Elevator and Conveyance Projects
Third Party ​Inspection Processing​​
​Instructions for Completing an Elevator​ and Conveyances Inspection​

eSLA Plumbing Definitions
​Definitions of plumbing terms​ used in eSLA and on the Plan Checklist.
Submitting a Plumbing Plan Review Application
​Instructions for Submitting a Commercial Plumbing Plan Review Application​
​​Submitting a Plumbing Plan Revision​
​​Instructions for Submitting a Commercial Plumbing Plan Revision 

Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS)​
Submitting a POWTS Plan Review Application​ 
Instructions for Submitting a POWTS Plan Review Application​
One- and Two-Family Dwelling (UDC)
How to File for a UDC Permit 
Instructions for a Customer Applying for a UDC Permit
​​UDC Permits in eSLA
​FAQs for Municipalities utilizing Option 1, 2, or 3
Uploading CSV File to eSLA
​Instructions for a Municipality Uploading Permit Data via CSV File (Option 2)
API Guidance Document
​API Guidance Document for Municipalities with 3rd Party Permit Software (Option 3)
​​Training Videos​ for Municipalities​
eSLA Demonstrations to Municipalities for Options 1, 2, and 3