Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning

​The Division of Industry Services (DIS) sets standards for energy efficiency and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. See the Commercial Building and One- and Two- Family Dwelling programs for enforcement, education, and consultation details for those building types.

DIS coordinates with local certified municipalities which provide plan review and inspection services for certain types of buildings. To become a local certified municipality, please visit the Delegated Agents page.

Questions regarding commercial building codes can be sent to DspsSbBuildingTech@wisconsin.gov.

  1. Start at the Plan Review page for general information on submitting electronically. Also check the Delegated Municipality List to see if you can submit your plan review to the local municipality in lieu of DIS.
  2. You may submit the following types of commercial building plan reviews to DIS:
    • Commercial Building and HVAC
    • Commercial Building and HVAC and Kitchen Hood
    • HVAC and Kitchen Hood
    • HVAC Only
  3. Use the instructions and guidance documents on the eSLA Support page to establish your eSLA login profile and navigate the application process.
  4. Use the Plan Review Checklist and Code Templates to ensure all required information is included in your submittal. Be sure to include the following documentation in the Attachments section of your application:
    • Plan Submittal - One file of the entire commercial building plan set.
    • Signature Page - Required for:
      • Supervising Professional when total building area is 50,000 sf or larger
      • Owner when the application requests early permission to start
      • Component Submittal
    • Additional Documentation - Combine all documentation into one file. Include:
      Required for All Plan Reviews
      • Submittal Checklist
      • Structural Calculations, stamped and sealed
      • Building Envelope Calculation (i.e. COMcheck or equal), stamped and sealed
      • Heat Loss Calculations, stamped and sealed
      • Hydraulic Calculations, stamped and sealed
      • Worksheets (as applicable)
        Required per Applicable Scope of Work
      • Voltage Drop, Battery Calculations
      • Specifications (optional)
      • Material Cut Sheets (optional)
  5. Start your plan review application on the eSLA portal.

Buildings may be inspected at various stages during construction. The inspections will be done by a DIS Commercial Building Inspector, except when the project is located within a delegated municipality where a local inspector will provide the inspection services. You may also need local permits.

Municipalitites delegated for inspections

DSPS Commercial Building Inspection District Map

SBD-118Buildings, HVAC, Fire Protection, and Component Application for Review for Delegated Agent use only

See the Commercial Buildings program page for additional documents.

SPS 364.0403 What ventilation requirements are to be met for a boat or other 'off-highway' vehicle storage area?

Answer: The Department's code has provisions that apply when a use does not fit entirely within one of the listed occupancies in either the IBC or IMC. The Department has specifically modified IMC 403.3 to address this. Ventilation rates for occupancies not represented in SPS Table 364.0403 shall be determined by using the most similar occupancy in the table as based on SPS 364.0403(5)(a). The storage of a boat is more similar to storage of a vehicle than it is to general warehouse storage. Additionally, when one rule prescribes a general requirement and a different rule a more specific requirement on the same subject, the more specific rule shall govern per SPS 361.03(3)(c). Either of the occupancy classifications listed in SPS Table 364.0403 and IMC 403.3 could potentially relate to the storage of boats, however enclosed parking structure is a more specific designation. The guidelines present in both 364.0403(5)(a)2.d. and 361.03(3)(c) support requiring boat or other 'off-highway' vehicle storage to comply with the exhaust requirements of an enclosed parking garage.

Water Heater Rules Rules for Water Heaters Used as Space Heaters
HVAC Contractor Memo
HVAC Equipment Replacement Information
Brochure for Building Plan Review and Inspection under Wisconsin's Commercial Building and Heating Codes

See the Commercial Buildings program page for additional documents.