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Department of Safety & Professional Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Protecting the Public, Promoting Progress

The mission of the Department​ of Safety and Professional Services is to promote economic growth and stability while protecting the citizens of Wisconsin as designated by statute.​​​​​

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

The ePDMP is a tool to help combat the ongoing prescription drug abuse epidemic in Wisconsin.​​​

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License Look-Up

​​Please use License Look-Up for all programs and credentials not in eSLA.​

Plan Review

Plan Review

​​Plan review is required for commercial, industrial, and other public buildings 25,000 cubic feet or larger. Review is also needed for any size of school, high-hazard occupancy, and three-unit or larger residential building.

DSPS Performance Data

DSPS Performance Data

​Find DSPS performance ​data on our new real-time dashboard, Occupational Licensing: By the Numbers.



Due to staffing constraints, the Department is NOT able to offer same day in-person credentialing. If you are seeking assistance with your application and you have applied in LicensE, please go to the portal and click on the Request Support icon and create a ticket. If you applied via paper application through fax, email or via OLAS and are seeking assistance, please call 608-266-2112.​

The following services will be available at the counter ​Monday-Friday: Renewal, Trades and Manufactured Homes. Those seeking other services, including application status, will be asked to complete a form summarizing the reason for their visit. Front counter staff will collect this form and any supporting documentation for applicants in the legacy licensing system. Each day credentialing staff will work on reviewing forms received and follow up with the applicant via email or phone. All inquiries will be replied to within five business days.​​​​​​​​

Now Live: Easier Online License Applications and ​Renewals!

​LicensE is your online, self-guided occupational license application platform. 

Please review the helpful links below:

  • Find step-by-step instruction for license renewal here.
  • Find a list of license renewals available via LicensE in the chart on the LicensE Customer Information page.
  • Find all licenses available via LicensE, plus user guides and other resources, on the LicensE Customer Information​ page.
  • Anyone applying for an initial license for any of the credentials listed can apply at

Our LicensE Application Status Lookup  tool makes it easier for employees, and helps academic advisors support students during the license application process. To access the Application Status Lookup tool, you will need the applicant's 10-digit PAR number. An applicant may provide the number to anyone who could support their application. Find more information in our news release about this tool. ​

​​​Online Services Upgrades

The Department of Safety and Professional Services has moved ​the​ Commercial Building and Elevator programs to our​ upgraded online system, the Electronic Safety and Licensing Application known as​ eSLA. eSLA​ will allow you to complete all of your applications, submissions, renewals, and payments related to your credential, permit, or plan review online.​

Visit the Customer Information​ ​page for​ instructions on first-time login​. Go to​​ ​​to get started​.​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​


​SCAM ALERT: Neither the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services nor regulating or licensing boards (e.g. State Board of Nursing) will contact credential holders requesting payment to clear or restore licenses. You will also not receive emails from DSPS or regulatory boards asking you to verify your account by clicking on a link​ or by providing your email and password. If you receive a call, email, fax, letter, text, or other communication indicating that there are problems with your license/credential that can be resolved with immediate payment or by clicking a link or providing your email and/or password, this could be a scam. Do not give out your personal, confidential information to someone claiming to be from a government agency or board. This document ​has more information about what to do if you think someone is trying to scam you.​​