Aesthetics School

License Information

Per Wis. Stat. § ​440.08(2), the required renewal date for the Aesthetics School credential is 03/31/odd years.  Should you receive your initial credential in the months leading up to this date, you are still required to renew your license by the statutorily defined date.

Schools of barbering, cosmetology, aesthetics, electrology or manicuring needing designation as a postsecondary institution for purposes of federal Title IV funding need to complete the Addendum to Application (Form 5555). The form must include proof of an admissions policy that requires applicants to possess a high school diploma, GED, HSED or apply through a dual-enrollment/dual-credit program in compliance with Wis. Stat. § 118.55. Upon receipt and review of the form and accompanying documentation, a license will be issued indicating the designation.

For questions regarding federal Title IV funding, please refer to the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Postsecondary Institution website or contact them at (202) 219-7011.

Update: One-Hour Course Review

Pursuant to 2017 Wisconsin Act 81, all one-hour courses for endorsement applicants on Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Code relating to the practice of Cosmetology should be submitted for review to

Application for Licensure

1655Application for School Credential - Initial and Renewal
5555Addendum to Application - Post-Secondary Education Recognition
2049School of Specialty School Bond
2037Required Contents for School Catalogs
2036Required Contents for Student Contracts
3071Fax Payment Form

Application by Reinstatement (License Expired One Year or More)

​To reinstate an Aesthetics School license submit a complete application including:

  • All information required for a new license
  • If any courses were taught after the expiration date of the school's license, submit a statement including:
    • The dates that courses were provided
    • The names and addresses of instructors teaching the courses
    • The names and addresses of students in attendance
    • The number of hours of training in each topic that each student received
    • $36.00 reinstatement fee

Renewal Information


  • FEE (See Renewal Dates and Fees)
  • APP (Application Form 1655)

Renewal Methods

1655​Application for School Credential - Initial and Renewal
RDA​FRenewal Dates and Fees​​​