Cemetery Association

License Information​

Seven or more residents of the same ​county may form a cemetery association. They shall meet, select a chairperson and secretary, choose a name for the Association, fix the annual meeting date, and elect by ballot not less than three nor more than nine trustees. Immediately following the election, the chairperson and secretary shall divide the trustees by lot into three classes, who shall hold their offices for one, two and three year terms, respectively. Within three days of the meeting, the chairperson and secretary shall certify the corporate name of the Association, the names, home addresses and business addresses of the organizers and the trustees, and their classifications, and the annual meeting date acknowledged by them and return the certification to the Cemetery Board. The Association then has the powers of a corporation.

Application for Licensure

3170Information for Cemetery Association Certification
3171Cemetery Association Annual Report
3169Amendment to Cemetery Association Certification
3172Reorganization of Cemetery Association

Renewal Information

There is no renewal for this profession. ​This certification does not expire.