Public Sector Employee Safety

​The Division of Industry Services (DIS) establishes and enforce occupational safety and health standards for public sector employees. Consultation and inspections are provided by DIS Occupation Safety and Health staff. Wisconsin's Clean Indoor Air Act and the Right to Know Law, which provide information to employees concerning workplace conditions, are administered by DIS.

DIS is providing guidance for the care and handling of formaldehyde by public employees. Please see the Formaldehyde Standard Requirements document, which is also located in the Publications section below.

Questions regarding the Public Sector Safety program can be sent to

Report an Accident

To report a public sector employee fatality or hospitalizations of 3 or more employees, please call (608) 445-6558 or (608) 267-9420 during regular business hours. After hours, weekends, or holidays, please call Wisconsin Emergency Management after-hours incident reporting at 1(800) 943-0003 ext. 2 for assistance.

Department of Workforce Development - Process for Handling Work Injuries & Illness

*New Online Reporting for Injury and Illness Forms*

The Department of Safety and Professional Services is excited to announce a new online injury and illness reporting system. This online system allows public employers to submit their yearly injury and illness summary through the internet. The State of Wisconsin requires that by March 1st of every year, all public employers submit a summary of their previous year's injuries and illnesses. This summary was previously submitted on form SBD-10710.

Public Sector Employers: Please visit the DSPS Electronic Safety and Licensing Application (eSLA) to enter, review, and submit your previous year's injury and illness summary. After submitting your information, you will receive a confirmation email which contains a printable version of the injury and illness summary which must be posted in your workplace from February 1st​ through April 30th.

If you do not have a UserID and Password for the DSPS Electronic Safety and Licensing Application, contact your county Public Sector Safety Inspector noted on the Inspection District Map located on the right side menu of this page.

SBD-10710ALog of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses
SBD-10710 PacketDSPS Reporting Informational Packet
Medical Evaluation QuestionnaireMedical Evaluation Questionnaire

SBD-6894Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace Poster
SBD-9301Public Sector Employee Safety and Health Poster
Safety Rules HistoryHistory of Safety and Health Rules
Top ViolationsPublic Sector Safety Top Violations
Occupational Health ChecklistOccupational Health Program Assessment Checklist
Hazard CommunicationSingle Facility Hazard Communication Program Sample
Tool Box Talk MaterialsHazard Communication
Sample - Confined Space EntrySample Permit Required Confined Space Entry Plan
Template - LOTOLockout/Tagout (LOTO) Program Template
Bloodborne Pathogens ChecklistBloodborne Pathogens Written Exposure Control Plan Checklist
Template - Bloodborne PathogensBloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan Template
Formaldehyde Standard RequirementsHighlights of the Formaldehyde Standard (29 CFR 1910.1048)
Template - Chemical HygieneChemical Hygiene Plan Template
Template - School Chemical HygieneSchool Chemical Hygiene Plan Template
DEA Fentanyl Briefing Guide Summary June 2017Fentanyl Briefing Guide
Respirable Crystalline Silica Health HazardsRespirable Crystalline Silica Health Hazards
Sample Written Exposure Control PlanWritten Silica Exposure Control Plan Sample
Silica - Summary of Revised Construction Standard - 2018OSHA's Revised Silica Standards
Hearing Conservation ChecklistHearing Conservation Plan Checklist
Respiratory Protection ChecklistsRespiratory Protection Checklists
Template - Respiratory ProtectionRespiratory Protection Program Template
Information for Dust Mask Users - DistributedDust Mask Users
Personal Protective EquipmentPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) Standards Overview
Template - PPEPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) Template
Certification Hazard AssessmentPersonal Protective Equipment Certifications of Hazard Assessment and Training​
Injury and Illness Reporting
General information for Injury and Illness Reporting and eSLA submission instructions