Agent for Burial Agreements

License Information​

​​This application must be completed by a licensed Funeral Director or an operator of a Funeral Establishment in order for the applicant to be a registered Agent to sell or solicit the sale of burial agreements funded with the proceeds of a life insurance policy. If the Agent is already registered and wishes to sell or solicit on behalf of a different or additional Funeral Director or operator of a Funeral Establishment, complete Form 2345​.

Pre-Credential Education Information

Successful completion of at least 20 hours of approved educational training.  An agent who is a WI licensed Funeral Director and a WI licensed insurance intermediary is exempt from completing the 20 hours of approved educational training as provided in Wis. Admin. Code § FD 6.05.​

Application for Licensure

2343Agent for Burial Agreements Registration Application Information
​Application for Fee Reduction (Optional - If applying for a fee reduction this form must accompany the application for the credential.)
​3085​Application for Predetermination (Optional-Submit ONLY if you have been convicted of any felony, misdemeanor, or other violations of federal or state law in this state or any other and you desire a review of your conviction record before applying for a credential.)​
2252​Convictions and Pending Charges (if applicable)
​2344​Notice of Conversion of a Burial Trust to a Burial Agreements
​234​5Notice Concerning Contract Between a Funeral Establishment and an Agent for Burial Agreements​