File a Complaint


The Educational Approval Program (EAP) has the authority, under SPS 404.08(2), to investigate a student complaint, negotiate a settlement, or dismiss a complaint if it is found to be inappropriate. The following information is intended to help students file a complaint about a school that the EAP regulates.

Complaints pertaining to online programs being offered by out-of-state schools that operate under a nationwide reciprocity agreement - known as the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement or SARA - need to contact the SARA Portal Agency in the state in which the school is located. In addition, you may contact the Distance Learning Authorization Board, which is the SARA Portal Agency in Wisconsin.

Before filing a complaint with the EAP, state law requires students to try to resolve the matter with the school. Every EAP approved school has a process to resolve student complaints. If the matter is not resolved, a complaint may be filed with the EAP using the Student Complaint Form.

Completed Student Complaint Forms should be emailed to 

​​Alternatively, completed forms can be sent to the following address: 

Educational Approval Program
P.O. Box 8366
Madison, WI 53708-8366

FedEx or UPS
4822 Madison Yards Way, 3rd Floor
Attn: Educational Approval Program
Madison, WI 53705​​

Complaints must be filed within one year after the student's last recorded date of attendance. Upon receiving a complaint, it will be investigated by the EAP. If there is a finding of a violation by a school, the EAP will attempt, through mediation, to resolve the complaint. If an agreement cannot be reached with the school, the EAP may dismiss the complaint or conduct a hearing. This student complaint flowchart provides a visual overview of the process.

Please note that under Wisconsin's Open Records Law (Wis. Stats., Ch. 19), complaints will generally be available for review on request from a member of the public after the EAP has acted. Please contact the EAP at (608) 266-1996 with questions about the complaint process.​