Professional Counselor

​​​​​​​​​Application for Licensure 

​Application and renewal methods are listed below. Select the corresponding "Key Steps" link to view requirements. You may be asked to provide additional information during application submission or in your LicensE​ due diligence checklist once your application has been reviewed. All requirements originate in Wisconsin statutes and administrative code



​​​LPC Training


A professional counselor training license is required to accumulate supervised practice hours for full licensure.​
LPC Training License
LPC Initial License
by Exam

​This application method is most relevant to LPC training license holders now applying for full LPC licensure.

LPC License - Exam
​LPC Temporary License
A temporary license application is not a stand-alone application. It is available to Licensure by Exam applicants. 
LPC Temporary License
​LPC Reciprocal License
​Application by reciprocity is available to individuals currently licensed in another state or jurisdiction with licensure requirements substantially equivalent to requirements in Wisconsin.
LPC Reciprocity
Key Steps

​LPC/IT Temporary Act 10 License

LPCs or LPCs-in-T​raining credentialed in good standing in another state may apply for a temporary credential to provide services in Wisconsin while a Wisconsin application for a permanent credential is pending.​

LPC/IT Act 10 Key Steps 
​Psychometric Testing

​​Professional counselors may add a psychometric testing specialty to their credentials.

LPC Psychometric Testing
Key Steps



LPC Training License
A professional counselor training license is valid for 48 months and may be renewed at the discretion of the Professional Counseling Section.

LPC Training License Renewal Key Steps
​LPC License Renewal
​The required renewal date for the Licensed Professional Counselor credential is 02/28/ each odd-numbered year.
LPC Renewal Key Steps
LPC Late Renewal
​​Credential holders seeking renewal after their Wisconsin credential has expired more than five years must submit a late renewal application.​
LPC Late Renewal
Key Steps​​

See Key Steps for forms required for your selected application method. ​
​Professional Counselor Certificate of Professional Education
​​Professional Counselor Curriculum Requirements Form 
​​Affidavit of Applicant's Competencies - Documentation of Clinical Experience Gained Under Training License Supervisor 
Professional Counselor Post-Graduate Supervisor Approval Form
Heath Care Employer Notification for 2021 Wis. Act 10 Temporary Credential​​
Affidavit of Supervisor in Support of Application to Engage in Psychometric Testing
​​Application to Renew A ​Professional Counselor Training License​​

Form Number​
The following forms may be required if applicable to your circumstances. Forms listed as optional are not required. 
​Malpractice Suits or Claims (Submit if applicable.)
​Convictions and Pending Charges (Submit if applicable. New credential applications only.)
Convictions and Pending Charges (Submit if applicable. Renewal applications only.)
​Active Duty/Discharge Renewal Extension (Optional - for military service members and spouses at renewal.) ​ 
​Application for Fee Reduction (Optional)
​Application for Predetermination (OPTIONAL - Submit ONLY if you have been convicted of any felony, misdemeanor, or other violations of federal or state law in this state or any other and you desire a review of your conviction records before submitting a licensure application.)

Approved Educational Programs in Professional Counseling

60-Credit Approved Programs​

Educators: See Wis. Admin. Code  ch. MPSW 14 for required content for program​ approval. Submit a request for Section approval using Form 3165, Application For Pre-Approval As An Educational Program In Professional Counseling.

Additional Resources​

Other Forms

Statutes and Administrative Code

Continuing Education Information

Exam Information

Offenses that May Result in Refusal, Bar, or Termination of Licensure

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