​Elevators & Conveyances

Elevator, lift, escalator, and dumbwaiter inspections are provided by Industry Services Division staff and independent certified inspection agencies (Who does what? - More information on the inspection system). IS also examines plans, offers consultation, issues certificates of operation, offers education, and monitors those independent inspectors. Elevator inspector credentials are administered by IS.

Questions regarding the Elevators & Conveyances code can be sent to DSPSSBElevatorTech@wi.gov.

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State of Wisconsin Conveyance Inspection Information
(Excludes the Cities of Milwaukee and Madison)
Effective April 1, 2017

Per SPS 318.1011 Conveyances (elevators, dumbwaiters, Type B material lifts, escalators, vertical and inclined platform lifts and stairway chairlifts) in the State of Wisconsin are required to be inspected at time of installation and after alterations, repairs and replacement of certain components. All conveyances, other than elevators and dumbwaiters that serve single dwelling units are required to be inspected annually. The issuance and renewal of a permit to operate is contingent upon a compliant inspection.

Inspection of new installations and covered alterations, repairs or replacement of components

Per SPS 318.1011(2)(a) these inspections may be performed only by the following:

  1. The department. (District 3 John Kastner / District 5 Mark Urban)  
  2. A licensed elevator inspector of an inspection provider contracted by the department. (Districts 1, 4 ATIS / District 2 NEIS)

Annual Inspections

Owners may contract with a private inspection company for annual inspections. If an owner does not contract with a private inspection company the inspection will be performed by a licensed elevator inspector of an inspection provider contracted by the department. (Districts 1, 3, 4, 5 ATIS / District 2 NEIS)


Explanation of the Use of Various Industry Services Elevator Forms
​Conveyance Application for Review (R09/2014) (PDF)
Conveyance Application for Review (R09/2014 (fill-in)
Conveyance Plan Instructions​Conveyance Plan Submittal Instructions (R09/2014)
SBD-10663-E​Regulated Object Inspection Report (R10/2015)
​SBD-4341​Inspection Report and Orders (Continued) (R07/2011)
​SBD-10782​Elevator / Escalator Accident Report (R10/2015)
Electric ​Acceptance Checklist
Electric Acceptance Checklist
​Initial Electric Elevator Acceptance Checklist (R01/2015) (PDF)
Initial Electric Elevator Acceptance Checklist (R01/2015) (fill-in)
​Hydraulic Acceptance Checklist
Hydraulic Acceptance Checklist
​Initial Hydraulic Elevator Acceptance Checklist (R01/2015) (PDF)
​Initial Hydraulic Elevator Acceptance Checklist (R01/2015) (fill-in)
​SBD Cat 1E Except Esc Cat 1 Tests (R02/2016) (PDF)
SBD Cat 1E Except Esc Cat 1 Tests (R02/2016) (fill-in)
​SBD 2E-E Cat 5 Safety Gov (R03/2016) (PDF)
SBD 2E-E Cat 5 Safety Gov (R03/2016) (fill-in)
​SBD 3E-E Pre-1994 In-Ground Hydr (R03/2016) (PDF)
SBD 3E-E Pre-1994 In-Ground Hydr (R03/2016) (fill-in)
SBD 6E Cat 1 Esc Moving Walk​ (R09/2015) (PDF)
SBD 6E Cat 1 Esc Moving Walk​ (R09/2015) (fill-in)
SBD-9890X​Application for Review, Petition for Variance
SBD-10872 Cat-5E
SBD-10872 Cat-5E
​SBD 10872 Cat 5E Conveyance Category 5 Periodic Tests (R09/2015) (PDF)
SBD 10872 Cat 5E Conveyance Category 5 Periodic Tests (R09/2015) (fill-in)


DHS Alternate Suppression Systems for Elevator Machine Rooms
DHS Alternate Suppression Systems for Elevator Machine Rooms (R04/2011)
​Evaluating Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment​ Evaluating Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment (R07/2013)
Testing of Conveyances​Accuracy Of Elevator Test Reports (R03/2015)
​Info for Owners​Information for Owners of Conveyances Serving Commercial Building in Wisconsin (R02/2018)
​Addition of Sprinklers​Addition of Sprinkler to an Existing Elevator (R03/2015)
​Elevator Key Locations​Location of Keys for Access to Elevator Equipment and Firefighters Emergency Operation (R04/2015)
Valve Procedures​Testing, Inspecting, Witnessing, and Sealing of Hydraulic Elevator Control Valves (R03/2015)
Jack Test​Testing of Elevator In-Ground Hydraulic Jacks (R03/2015)
​Skirt/Step Performance​Escalator Skirt/Step Performance Index (R02/2015)
Maintenance Records​Maintenance Records (R03/2015)
​New Construction - Sprinklers​Building-Elevator Code Coordination: Examples of Sprinkler, Smoke, Heat Detector Location (R10/2015)
​New Product Approval​Conveyance Program New Product Approval (R02/2015)
​Accessing Hoistways​Accessing Elevator Hoistways (R03/2015)
​Compliance Investigations​Compliance Investigations
Inspection of Private Residence​Inspections of Elevators and Dumbwaiters Serving 1 & 2 Family Dwellings (R03/2015)
​Residential Type Elevators in Commercial Buildings​Periodic Inspections and Tests of Residential Type Elevators Serving Commercial Buildings (R04/2015)
​Department Agent Inspection​Department Agent Inspection
Stairway Chairlifts​Stairway Chairlifts Memo (R08/2016)
​Interlock Notice​Honeywell Interlock Safety Notice (R12/2016)
Supervising Professional Responsibilities​Supervising Professional Responsibilities for Plan Submittal (R9/2017)
Elevator Telephone Performance​Elevator and Lift Telephone Performance Requirements (R9/2017)
Wisconsin Elevator Code Important DatesImportant Dates in Wisconsin Elevator Code History (R9/2017)

Permit & Invoice Questions

Please email DSPSSBInspectionSupport@Wi.gov to update the owner and/or address, to request a replacement permit to operate, or to answer a general invoice inquiry question.