Fire Department Safety & Health

​​The Industry Services Division helps develop and enforces safety and health standards for public sector fire department employees, based on SPS 330, the Fire Department Safety and Health Code, and SPS 332, the Public Employee Safety and Health Code. (Related to SPS 332, SPS 330 contains minimum requirements for an occupational safety and health program for public sector fire department employees involved in fire department operations.) Consultation and inspections are provided by Fire Prevention Coordinators on requirements for fire department safety and health programs.​

Fire Department Safety and Health Program Information

Behind SPS 330: Revised rules for public fire department better protect our firefighters who risk their lives to ensure the safety of the citizens of Wisconsin 




Determination of Exposure to Blood/Body Fluids (DoA Document Sales)


Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace Poster
SBD-9301​Public Sector Employee Safety and Health Poster
​Fire Department Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) (PDF)
Fire Department Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) (fill-in)
Program PowerPoint​Fire Department Safety and Health PowerPoint
Medical Questionnaire​Respiratory Protection Medical Evaluation Questionnaire PDF
Respiratory Protection​Respiratory Protection Training Presentation PowerPoint