2% Dues

​​​​As of January 1, ​the 2% Fire Dues program is live in​ t​he ​Electro​nic Safety and Licensing Application (eSLA). Visit the Customer Information page for log in and user instructions​, and to view the full list of program areas in eSLA. ​

​Go to esla.wi.gov​ to get started

Explanation of Fire Department Dues Payments ​

The Division of Industry Services (IS) of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) is arranging payments to municipalities under the Wisconsin Two-Percent Fire Dues Payments Program. As in past years, Current Year Distribution planned for each municipality is available. The list is first sorted alphabetically by county, and then, within the county, alphabetically in turn by towns, villages and cities. The amount of the check sent to the municipal treasurer is found under “Current Year Distribution.” This online list replaces the mailings that were done in the past to announce the amounts of the payments. If there are questions concerning the list, contact DSPSSBFireDues@Wisconsin.gov.​

2% Dues Questions and Answers

2% Fire Dues Uses

eSLA Fire Chief User Guide (includes new 2% Fire Dues instructions)

eSLA Municipal Clerk User Guide (includes new 2% Fire Dues instructions)

Fire Dues Email Updates List

For news and alerts relating specifically to the 2% Fire Dues Fund (self-certification process, audits, and acceptable 2% expenditures), please subscribe to the 2% Fire Dues updates here.